Kgolo Institute offers Public Administration training across all 3 NQF bands. There are 4 qualifications comprising a total of 150 unique unit standards.


57827 National Diploma: Public Administration2607


The purpose of the NQF Level 7 Public Administration qualification is to provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required by public officials that work at a senior management and executive level. These competencies will enable senior public officials to provide the strategic leadership and management needed to transform all spheres of government. The need for well-qualified efficient, client-oriented public officials is identified as a priority in all the three spheres of government. The National Diploma in Public Administration (NQF Level 7) is aimed at practitioners working in the public sector. It is the last qualification in a career pathway in Public Administration and Management. The National Diploma in Public Administration consists of Exit Level Outcomes covering competencies related to service delivery from a developmental perspective, ensuring that public value is delivered within the broader market economy, formulating public sector policies, evaluating outcomes of multiple projects and determining requirements for new projects, harnessing knowledge that can be integrated into public sector decision making and problem solving, designing and facilitating all administrative functions required to ensure regionalism, decentralisation and governance, strategically leading public sector change and integrating public administration under the rule of law. The competencies covered in the proposed unit standards encapsulate the competencies required by public officials working at executive level. The qualification will therefore enhance the ability of the qualifying learner as a public official to perform the necessary administration tasks expected as well as to improve management and strategic leadership abilities. In this way, the qualification enhances transferability of skills within different spheres of the public sector. With regard to the implementation of Public Administration and Management reforms, the Qualification serves, as a basis of an effective implementation process by defining and identifying those competencies required by technical public officials. The possession of relevant knowledge, skills and attitude by public officials is crucial to the implementation of public sector administration and management reforms. Thus, the qualification contributes to the upliftment of the South African economy in line with the aims of existing skills development legislation through enhancing of skill levels of public sector employees.
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