Public Sector Skills Development and Training

Nationwide Onsite Mentoring, Facilitation and Workshops
Kgolo Institute is a LGSETA- and PSETA- accredited training service provider offering certified NQF Level 01–07 National Diploma, National Certificate, Further Education and Training Certificate as well as Certified Learning Programmes. We also provide custom ETQA-based skills programmes and short courses and well as team building and workshop facilitation.

We are a 100% accredited centre for the Recognition of Prior Learning and we have 25 full-time registered and accredited assessors and 6 full-time registered and accredited moderators on staff. This gives us the capacity to assess and moderate over 200 Portfolios of Evidence per week, ensuring that both learners and employers experience the least amount of disruption possible.

Through our accreditations with LGSETA and PSETA we are able to offer you over 32 different Learnership Programmes, each with their own unit standards that can be combined to deliver custom credit bearing Skills Programmes. We are currently the leading service provider in the delivery of the Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP) (in all its variations) throughout South Africa. By the end of 2016, we had successfully graduated more than 3000 learners n this programme.

One of the challenges facing capacity building and skills development in the workplace is the interruption of workday routines. Our approach of delivering the training at your premises, or as close to as possible, minimises this disruption. Our workplace monitoring assistance ensures that learners meet all the requirements for completing their institutional (workplace) training. With our vast selection of unit standards we can put skills development and capacity building into context. This means that we can train the right unit standard for the right environment. We will train only in those unit standards that are beneficial to the learners and their requirements.

Kgolo Institutes’s accelerated facilitation and training techniques allow us to instruct learners in up to five unit standards in a 5-day period, whilst still maintaining the highest level of quality and professional ethics. The average class size is between 15 and 25 learners and classes of more than 40 participants are facilitated using mentors, together with the facilitator, thus ensuring that each learner is given the proper attention he/she deserves. Our facilitation encourages a participative approach making learning fun and speeding up experiential training as well as obtaining the highest levels of PoE submissions per class.

Our project managers inspect provided venues to ensure that they meet the requirements for conducive and educational learning as well as adhering to legislative health and safety regulations. In instances where Kgolo Institute is asked to source venues, labs or special facilities and materials, we try to work with the geographically closest possible providers and facilities so that we minimise costs to our clients and learners.

Our facilitation programme ensures that learners will know how to prepare and submit their Portfolios of Evidence so that learners and employers can be assured of certification in their chosen short course, skills programme or unit standard.

We, at Kgolo Institute, look forward to helping you with your skills development and capacity building needs and are eager to assist you with any queries. Please contact us should you need any further assistance.

Our Mission

To utilise highly qualified and experienced facilitators, assessors and moderators to achieve our vision. To be at the centre of skills development implementation, ensuring that our clients get only the best in training techniques and methodology.
Kgolo Institute's Founding Members

Ephraim Makgato
Facilitator, Assessor and Mentor He has a B Com Accounting degree from the University of the Limpopo, Management Development Programme from University of Pretoria and MBA (Master in Business Administration) from University of Johannesburg respectively. He is currently registered for D Com Accounting at University of Limpopo. He has gained invaluable practical experience in the field of finance, accounting and internal auditing (private sector) for nearly 10 (ten) years. Until August 2012, he was Section Head of five Departments (Accounting, Internal Auditing, Public Sector Accounting, Economics & Cost and Management Accounting) and senior lecturer for Internal Auditing & Auditing at the Tshwane University of Technology. He has been facilitating the following courses since 2002; Budgeting, IBAC, Petty Cash, PFMA, MFMA, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Account Receivable, Accounts Payable, Internal Auditing, Risk Management, SCM, General Conditions Of Contract and Inventory Management. Ephraim has vast training and facilitation experience (academic and practice) that makes him a dynamic, flexible and confident facilitator.
Sharon Makgato
Chief Operations Officer of Kgolo Business Trust She has a BSc Computer Science Honours degree from the University of Western Cape, a Certification in the Management Development Programme from University of Pretoria and Certificate in Business Management from University of Johannesburg respectively. She has been in management since 2006.

Accreditation And Expertise

Qualification ID Title
1 49554 National Diploma: Public Finance Management and Administration
2 48965 Certificate: Municipal Financial Management
3 50205 National Certificate: Municipal Integrated Development Planning
4 36437 National Certificate: Local Economic Development
5 50372 Further Education and Training Certificate: Municipal Finance and Administration
6 36438 National Certificate: Local Economic Development
7 50081 Further Education and Training Certificate: Leadership Development
8 58578 National Certificate: Local Government Councillor Practices
9 57823 National Certificate: Ward Committee Governance
10 36436 National Certificate: Local Economic Development
11 23616 Certificate: Local Government
12 23617 Higher Certificate: Local Government
13 49752 National Certificate: Environmental Practice
14 50309 Further Education and Training Certificate: Environmental Practice
15 605293 National Certificate: Municipal Governance
16 66789 National Certificate: Environmental Management
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